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The St. Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) expressed thanks to Prime Minister of St. Lucia for his leadership and contribution towards the establishment of two (2) new funds for the CSA, namely the CSA’s Medical plan and CSA’s Education Fund.

These two funds form part of our recent Collective Agreement between the Government of St. Lucia and the St.Lucia Civil Service Association.

The objective of this CSA’s Education Plan, is to help improve public servants performance by enhancing their skills, improving attitudes, motivation and job satisfaction necessary to contribute to a productive public sector.

The objective of the CSA’s Medical Plan, is to provide support to our members to address some of their health and medical problems.

The CSA says it will ensure that the Prime Minister’s concerns regarding how the funds are disbursed are met. It was agreed that the greatest proportion of these funds should be directed at bringing relief, specifically to Union members from grade 1-7, who may have difficulty in meeting their medical insurance needs  as well as members seeking to improve their skills in an effort to  contribute to the establishment of a productive public sector.

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