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As testing for the ZIKA virus continues here, medical officials have denied reports that the number of confirmed cases is on the rise.

In an interview with RCI news today Dr Michelle Francois noted that Ministry of health officials continue to test for the virus in people who present undifferentiated fever—a main symptom of the virus.

Officials say testing is critical in order to confirm which of the mosquito borne illnesses that an individual has been infected with.

Dr Francois says at present there is a quota on the number of samples that can be sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency for testing. She says while it presents a major challenge for officials, they have sought ways to make exceptions.

Dr Francois also advised against self diagnosing, She stressed that individuals presenting zika symptoms must seek medical advice in order to ascertain whether they have been infected with dengue, chikungunya or zika virus. She adds that leptospirosis which could become fatal also presents similar symptoms to the mosquito bourne diseases.

There is no known cure for the Zika virus.
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