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A Fashion icon of international fame is weighing in on what he describes as St Lucia's rape syndrome!

Describing it as a “you can run but you can’t hide” situation, Vincent McDoom says it has “a lot of people on edge and is opening up a cans of worms!!!”

He has heavily criticized the government for what he says is its failure to have acted on a proposal from Zandoli International for the establishment of a sex offenders registry about a year ago.

McDoom who has levelled rape allegations at a former public official in the past, believes that while the government continues to condemn rape and other sex crimes, it has failed the victims with its reactive stance on the issue.

Mc Doom believes that recent statements from Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony, regarding the presence of serial rapists in St Lucia has pointed to a much larger issue.

The decorated fashion guru says he plans to use the current reaction toward rape in St Lucia as a concept for his latest novel and television series, in an effort to highlight the impact of sexual assault.
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