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The victims in the most recent rape case making headlines in St.Lucia, believes says the perpetrator of the heinous act was confident that he will not get caught.

On Monday afternoon the two victims spoke about being violated by an armed stranger. Two male teenagers who wished to remain anonymous say after leaving a Jazz event on Friday they were held at gun point and forced to perform sexual acts with their female counterparts. The group was under a tent at the Derek Walcott square between 7 and 8 pm when the incident occurred.

Two of the victims say the gunman admitted that he has done this before.

One of the male victims spoke about his horrendous experience

One of the young men who was hit with the gun on the head also spoke about his experience.

According to the victims there were two other men acting as “lookouts” for the perpetrator. The young men stressed that they chose to speak to the media about this in the hopes that their story will help catch the person responsible for raping his friend.
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