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The daughter of the United Workers Party candidate for Laborie has urged electors to abstain from supporting her father. The platform rhetoric came despite previous attempts to dispel the notion that politics would not affect her relationship with her family

Jadia Jn Pierre Emmanuel, Communications Director for the Saint Lucia Labour Party and the daughter of Francisco Jn Pierre has asked voters to ensure that her father loses the Laborie seat.

She made these statements prior to introducing Alva Baptiste, SLP candidate for the area and Minister of External Affairs during an SLP meeting on Sunday, which took place at the Jacmel playing field. Jadia challenged her father to answer pointed questions about the UWP’s neglect.

In comparison to her father Jn Pierre Emmanuel introduced Alva Baptiste by emphasizing his positive characteristics.

This is not the first time Jn Pierre has made statement like this about her father. At a party outing in La Clery last Month for the official launch of John Charlery, Jn Pierre Emmanuel predicted that Fransisco Jn Pierre would lose his deposit in Laborie.
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