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Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony is the subject of strong criticism from the Lucian Peoples Movement, for what the party describes as the sorry state of the local economy.  

LPM Leader Therold Prudent notes that after weeks of paying close attention to the irrational behaviour and responses of the government of Saint Lucia to the frightening level of unemployment in the country, coupled with a recent admission by Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony that some Caribbean nations were on the brink of economic collapse, party cautions Saint Lucia to take that warning very seriously.

The LPM is adamant that “Just because Dr Anthony did not mention Saint Lucia by name does not mean that the island isn’t on the list of nations in serious jeopardy of economic collapse."

Mr Prudent claims that Dr Anthony’s long-standing knowledge that the global economy was in trouble had already begun its dangerous spiral towards the end of his tenure in 2006. Yet, as opposition leader, he willfully gave the people of Saint Lucia the impression that, if given another opportunity to lead the country, the Labour government under his stewardship would outperform all previous governments in the history of Saint Lucia, with regard to the creation of sustainable jobs.

In referencing the prime minister’s speech that was delivered in Barbados recently, the LPM believes that this may have been a deliberate attempt by Dr Anthony to deflect attention from his own fear that the Saint Lucian economy could collapse any day now under his watch.
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