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Directors from Rise St. Lucia Inc. have declined to comment on the sentence handed down to Jonathan ‘Ninja Dan’ St Rose on Thursday.

According to Dr Jacqueline Bird, the situation is too sensitive and close to the organization. As a result she declined to comment.

The Soca Sensation who was closely linked to the organization was expected to have earned his freedom after serving about eight years in prison. A mistrial had been declared in the case before St. Rose and his co-defendants plead guilty to manslaughter.

The twenty year sentence against St Rose, Mervyn Nelson and Lynden Blasse was handed down for the 2009 murder of Dwayne ‘Chubby’ James.

Lynden Blasse, one of the attorneys representing the defendants explained that the Judge raised the benchmark from fifteen to twenty years because of the nature of the act. He was responding to a question about the release of French National, Eric Sommier.

Sommier had been charged in connection with the 2012 death of Lucas Francois of Choiseul, whom he was accused of pushing off a boat at Pigeon Island and failing to respond to his cries for help.
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