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Police have dispelled suggestions that a Moroccan who escaped lawful custody in Martinique may be connected to Al Qaeda.

News of the escape came on Thursday informing that regional law enforcement was on high alert for the individual who police believe is well connected and able to travel privately.

The man who is known as Rachid Raffa goes by seven aliases and is believed to be dangerous.

Assistant Superintendent of Police with responsibility for the Press Office Gregory Alexander says pictures of the escapee have been circulated in the public and that police remain on high alert for any sightings.

Alexander also informs that there has been no information from French officials that Rachid Raffa is connected to the terrorist group Al Qaeda, neither did they state the reason why he has been deem a threat to regional security. But he says local authorities are taking no chances.

Alexander says while the issue of terrorism is not prevalent in St Lucia the laws make provision for dealing with such cases.
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