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Organizers of the Mercury Beach Festival say all is set for the staging of the mega beach party at the Pigeon Island landmark on the weekend.

Marine Consultant in the Ministry of Tourism Cuthbert Didier who has been working with French organizers of Mercury beach and local partners says a strong effort has been made to market the festival throughout the region and the world.

It is anticipated that the event will being close to nine thousand visitors to St Lucia and an approximate spend of one hundred euros per person.

Improvements have been made to the event that will run through the weekend and culminate with the Mercury Beach party. Didier observes that it is set to leave a visible economic footprint on St Lucia.

Didier has also pointed to efforts being made for data collection that can show evidence of the gains from Mercury beach. A research officer from the Ministry of Tourism has been assigned to interview guests arriving at the Rodney bay marina for the event.

Mercury Beach is being held in St Lucia for the third consecutive year.

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