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A National Youth Rally to be conducted entirely in Creole is the newest initiative being undertaken by the National reparations Committee.

The disclosure was made by NRC Chairman Earl Bousquet who explained that the activity is taking place to draw attention to the reparations cause.

It follows a series of events that have taken place here in collaboration with the University of the West Indies Open Campus and other partners.

Bousquet says the goal is to bring the reparations message in Creole to millions of creole speaking nations of African descent in the region and the diaspora.

Bousquet has also addressed reaction to the sudden improvement being made by the Reparations Committee, which had grown dormant soon after it was commissioned in 2013.

He says not much has changed. In fact, the organization is still operating without a budget, but has been able to pool its resources together to pull off some of its events.

The national creole youth rally is expected to take place On October 27th 2016    
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