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The Eastern Caribbean Collective Organization for Music rights ECCO has announced record payments to its members this year.

According to the General manager there, the thirty five percent increase in revenue over what was collected last year, is due to the hard work of ECCO agents who have been licensing and negotiating with music users.

Etienne also notes that the increase is also due to minimal administrative costs which have led to an overall increase of 86 percent in revenue.

But he laments that unfortunately, the lions’ share of the revenue will be paid to foreign musicians. However he adds that each ECCO member will receive a special payment.

Meanwhile The ECCO General Manager has also commented on its contribution to the ongoing Leebo donation drive. The initiative began soon after the disclosure that Francis Leebo DeLima was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

Etienne agrees that the situation highlights the plight of musicians and the lack of compensation for their work. He says ECCO has joined in on the cause and is also seeking to assist other stricken musicians.

Etienne informs that ECCO has been approached by a local insurance company with a proposal for group insurance. He says plans are afoot to share that information with members, but they must be willing to pay the premium.
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