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A fire which engulfed a Pavee home has shocked residents in the area who believe that may have been as a result of  arson.

The fire service received a distress call at about 2:50 pm on Thursday afternoon but upon arrival on the scene. the wooden home which was owned by a man known in the area as “black man” was burned to the ground. Residents say that the man lived with one other family member.

According to witnesses a woman believed to be related to the man entered the house, grabbed her son’s clothes, set the house on fire and fled the scene in a vehicle.

Some witnesses also believe that the woman’s boyfriend was acting as the look out while she set the house on fire
One neighbor says his attempt to put out the fire failed

Another neighbor said the group trying to assist with the fire scrambled to stop the fire from spreading to nearby houses.

Fire Service Officials have promised to release a statement on the incident, but there has been no confirmation from police on whether an investigation has been opened into the incident.
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