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Two record breaking athletes have highlighted what they believe is the need for more investments in St. Lucian sportsmen and women.

OECS record holder for women’s sprint hurdles Makeba Alcide and Senior St.Lucian Javelin record holder Albert Reynolds lamented the struggles, that current and upcoming athletes have to deal with throughout their careers.

They spoke about the financial woes which athletes face along with the lack of support they receive from people overall. Each athlete described their experiences during an interview with RCI news on Friday.

Alcide says while the amount of focus placed on St.Lucian athletes has increased, she believes more needs to be done to assist them, not only through monetary funding but by adequately recognizing the importance of sportsmen.

Meanwhile, Albert Reynolds says athletes need more assistance in the early stages of their training in order to effectively prepare for major competitions.

Alcide and Reynolds continue training throughout the off season.
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