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An incident that had sparked the ire of Prime Minister Allen Chastanet on Monday was a major talking point at last night’s news conference.

According to Allen Chastanet a question posed by a reporter relating to Prince Harry’s stay during visit to St Lucia, was meant to deliberately malign and tarnish his reputation.

Chastanet insists that the visit has absolutely nothing to do with him and that he has never used his office as Prime Minister of Minister for Tourism in a previous administration to place his hotel an advantage.

The Prime Minister says the matter should have been put to rest, especially after a statement issued by the management of his hotel, implying that the Prince would have been staying at the Coco Palm resort was retracted.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister assured that he welcomes the challenge to address public concerns, however he has a zero tolerance for any attempt to disrespect him or his office.

Allen Chastanet says he will spare no effort to protect his reputation
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