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The sudden death of a student athlete in Jamaica on Wednesday has prompted the need for education and sporting authorities to take a closer look at tightening safety regulations.

The incident which is reminiscent of the circumstances surrounding the death of a student athlete in Soufriere, is of grave concern especially for a sports enthusiast here.

Joseph Reds Pireirra says while the family and officials await the results of an autopsy on the body of eighteen year old Dominic James who was the captain of his St Georges manning College football team, the demise of student athletes while engaging in sporting disciplines remains worrying.

Commenting on the need for emergency services at sporting events, Pireirra notes that considering the constraints of the already burdened ambulance and first responder services, it may not always be possible.

He however stressed that it may be up to individual parents and clubs to ensure that student athletes get regular medical check ups.

Recommendations have been made in the past for student athletes to undergo similar medical screenings to that of professional athletes.
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