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The Women and Child rights lobbyist group Raise your Voice has come in for high praise for its efforts to raise attention to the plight of a teenager who had been incarcerated at the Bordelais Correctional facility.

The teen mom gave birth one month ago while serving a term at the prison. The situation drew widespread attention when Raise Your Voice Secretary Catherine Sealys highlighted the failure of the Social Services department and other agencies to provide the requisite support to the girl. She had been a ward of the state since she was 10 years old.
Sealys was singled out by Senator Ubaldus Raymond for her role in the release of the young mother from prison on Wednesday.
Dr Raymond has also been reacting to recommendations for the establishment of a Ministry specifically to deal with Children’s issues. He believes that attempts to strengthen the existing structures within the Ministry of Youth, with an emphasis on child protection will prove most effective.

The Department of Human Services and other support agencies continue to lament the strain on its scarce resources

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