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Tuesday November 22, 2016,will be celebrated here as The Feast of Musicians and the group ‘Friends of Music’ from Barre du Chaussée celebrates their 11th anniversary.

Saint Cecilia, the patron Saint of musicians is heralded and serenaded by musicians on this day. Over the years, through tradition handed down, musicians come out customarily early in the morning and play music for the residents who show appreciation by giving them refreshments as they move from house to house.  

‘Friends of Music’ commemorates this special occasion in a completely voluntary and “community togetherness” fashion. The activity involves a number of bands from the surrounding areas performing at one venue, coupled with vendors from nearby communities providing food and refreshments. 

This year’s line-up comprises: Survival Steel Orchestra from Barre du Chaussée, West Coast Band from Anse La Raye, N S Band from Bexon, Afrikan Roots Band from Chopin, Teti & His Sax from Barre Denis and X-Tent Band from Massecré. 

The group says it is proud to have produced this event for the last eleven years. It is hailed as a day not only to celebrate the musicians, but also the people of the community of Barre du Chaussée and its environs. All are invited to come celebrate and be part of an event which promises to be a night of fun, nostalgia and appreciation.  

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