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Election tensions spilled on to Haiti's streets with shots fired outside the presidential palace as various candidates claimed victory in a re-run vote there

Haitians are counting on their next president to lift the country out of political limbo and repair damage from Hurricane Matthew, which devastated the country last month, killing up to 1,000 people and leaving 1.4 million needing aid.

Haitians are meanwhile being asked to remain patient and wait for official election results, after several factions have made early declarations of victory as well as accusations of fraud.

RCI news spoke to Former Caricom Ambassador to Haiti Earl Huntley who has been observing the elections in Haiti.

Huntley says several kinks which affected the results of the previous election were addressed to make the process more transparent.

Nearly 1,000 Haitian election workers began 12-hour shifts inside a warehouse on Monday, tabulating the results of the weekend's presidential and legislative voting.

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