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Adverse weather conditions have disrupted normal operations here just one day before the official end of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

According to the Director of Met Services Venantius Descartes, a trough system is currently affecting St Lucia and other parts of the Lesser Antilles. It is causing periods of heavy rains which has become a cause for major concern for disaster and emergency officials.

Descartes reports that the south of the island has been more adversely affected by heavy rains and thunderstorms during the last 24 hours.

Pointing to Hurricane Tomas in 2010 and the Christmas eve trough in 2013 the Director of Met Services explained what appears to be a trend in weather patterns around this time of year.

Residents in low lying areas prone to flooding are asked to remain on guard, while fishermen are asked to remain in port.

Descartes says excessive soil saturation that can cause landslides is a major concern for disaster officials.

Descartes informs that the effects of the upper level trough will continue into Wednesday.
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