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The bravery of citizens who successfully assisted in the arrest of two thieves in Castries on Tuesday has been highlighted by the President of the Vendors Association.

The two were arrested after attempting to snatch a gold chain from a tourist, near Constitution Park.
The visitor is said to have put up a fight but was not injured as a result of the incident.

Peter Ras Ipa says the efforts of those who risk their lives to take on criminals in an effort to secure the local tourism product must be applauded. He however urged them to exercise caution.

Meanwhile, a deliberate move by the Castries City Council to beef up security in Castries particularly during the holidays has been lauded by the well known city vendor.

Isaac who has continues to voice lingering concerns about attacks on visitors and tourists alike by thieves in certain hot spots.

He believes that the deployment of some twenty two city police will complement the resources of local law enforcement.

The constabulary police were sworn in on Monday
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