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St. Lucians are being warned to brace for trough conditions expected to affect the island tonight.

According to the Director of Met Services Venantius Descates, the system is being brought on due to anticipated increases in instability in the atmosphere.

Met officials expect that the system will bring with it, heavy rains accompanied by thunderstorms this evening into Friday morning.

For many the pending system is reminiscent of the 2013 Christmas Eve Trough that caused severe flooding and loss of life.

Descartes urges for caution amid the distraction of Christmas shopping and celebration ahead of the trough.

Descartes stressed that the heavy rains may bring landslides and flooding in some parts of the island.

Although the hurricane season is traditionally known to run from June to November, the met official says systems have been known to form outside of that period. He however asserts that the month of December has been very rainy this year.
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