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The use of force by police officers has come into sharp focus again following the killing of a Fond Mange man by police in Marigot on Sunday.

The concern is being expressed by the Coordinator for the National Centre for Human Rights incorporated Mary Francis, who stressed the need for the officers to comply with the guidelines established last year. She believes that the move stemmed from the fallout from Operation Restore Confidence and the use of deadly force by the police which resulted in the death of citizens in 2010.

Francis stressed that a homicide on the part of the state is a very serious matter because it is the duty of the state to protect life.

Francis questions the decision to shoot the suspect in the Marigot incident when he was reportedly fleeing.

Francis says another concerning issue stemming from Operation Restore Confidence is the absence of a independent entity to investigate police killings.

She maintains that the coroners act as it stands now is deficient.

Francis says based on her own experience with such cases, she is not satisfied with the level of independence displayed in investigating police killings.
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