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The Castries City Council is cracking down on unhealthy behaviour by citizens in an effort to add to the aesthetic appeal of the city.

The announcement was made by Peterson Francis who stressed that in addition to being unhygienic, the age old practice of indiscriminate urination is also illegal.

He warns that the newly installed city police will be at the forefront of tackling the issue and bringing the perpetrators.

Francis has urged for public support in sending out the unequivocal message that the streets of Castries need to be treated with respect.

In addition to urinating, defecating and spitting in the streets, measures will also be taken to ensure strict adherence to and enforcement of the laws.

Francis cautions that individuals found in breech of the laws will be fined in amounts ranging from one hundred and fifty dollars to one thousand five hundred dollars or where the law dictates up to six months in prison.
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