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The Ministry of Health and Wellness is alarmed over what medical experts describe as an increase in gastroenteritis in children under five years.

Epidemiological data generated by the public health surveillance system at the Ministry of Health and Wellness has corroborated the findings.

Gastroenteritis is an acute (sudden) condition that affects the stomach and intestines. It can be caused by the ingestion of contaminated substances, usually food and water, which enter through the mouth and later gets into the digestive track.

Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health Dr Sharon Belmar George has advised the public on ways to avoid and treat gastroenteritis.

George stressed that it should be noted that young children and infants are especially vulnerable to Gastroenteritis as well as elderly persons with weak immune systems as they can be prone to serious complications such as dehydration.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness urges everyone to pay special attention to the following preventative measures in an effort reduce the chances of contracting Gastroenteritis:
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