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The response by an outspoken parliamentarian on the sex scandal involving the Minister in the Ministry of Finance has caught the attention of a regional political analyst.

Peter Wickham says he disagrees with the sanctimonious stance of the Castries Central MP Sarah Flood Beaubrun on several issues, including the Abortion Bill, several years ago.

He believes that a person can run into problems if they attempt to develop a reputation where one’s personal views become their politics.

We will hear more from Mr Wickham in a moment but first Sarah Flood Beaubrn’s response when pressed for an opinion on the matter.

Wickham says Flood Beaubrun is now toeing the political line with her reaction on the Ubaldus Raymond issue.

Wickham says he is not surprised about the restraint exercised Flood Beaubrun in speaking her mind on the Dr Raymond issue.

Wickham believes action is already being taken in the Ubaldus Raymond matter and that the situation does not diminish his value to the government.
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