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Talks between representatives of the CSA and LUCELEC concluded on Monday in a deadlock with both parties holding firm to their positions.

According to union officials the issue will now be brought to a tribunal where a ruling on the matter will be made.

CSA President Yvonne Edwin says staff at the power company have been embroiled in a labour dispute over claims of an apparent breech in the company’s agreement on a number of issues.

Meanwhile a press statement issued by LUCELEC notes that both parties have agreed to the fundamentals of a new grade structure, the salary ranges, and to the effective date being January 2011. At the heart of the issue is that each side believes the other has reneged on what had been agreed to via exchanges of letters during negotiations on the 2011 – 2013 collective agreement.

LUCELEC hopes that the Tribunal can deal with this matter expeditiously so that the parties can achieve closure on this issue.

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