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The National Council on public transportation is stating its position on a proposal for an increase in bus fares which is expected to take effect some time in January next year.

According to the organization’s Public Relations Officer Linus St Claire, the increase has been a long time coming, but had been delayed for a number of reasons. Among them was a survey which was conducted by a cabinet appointed body which along all routes on the island.


Mr St Claire says the NCOPT opted to accept a subsidy from the government while the survey was being conducted. But he says with the number of increases that must be absorbed by minibus operators the Council has now been left with little choice but to accept an increase in fares.

Despite the position taken by the NCOPT, some minibus operators have opposed the move fearing that it can have a negative impact on the sector. Concerns are that any increase will weigh heavily on commuters. But Mr St Claire says other drivers are left with no alternative but to accept the increase.

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