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In a strongly worded press release issued today, LIALPA (The Leeward Island Airline Pilots Association) has informed the general public of the severely deteriorating relationship between the pilots and airline company LIAT.

Citing long lasting issues and a failure to honour agreements between the two entities, LIALPA has not thrown down the gauntlet “in order to avoid any further escalation of this matter.”

Financial, industrial actions, public complaints, and equipment as well as availability issues continue to bedevil the airline. It continues to be the subject of much complaint and ridicule throughout the islands as it hobbles under massive debt, and charges of corruption, over decades of operation in the region.

Are LIAT customers to expect another meltdown in services this Summer? With just one week given by LIALPA for action from LIAT it should not be too long before we see how this latest round of troubles will play out.

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