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Police say their hands are tied in the wake of a sex video which has gone viral on social media. Reports are that the video which has sparked growing public outrage has been has been shared multiple times on Facebook and particularly Whatsapp.

In the video, four or five young men and a woman can be seen engaging in sex with a woman. The woman’s hands and legs are bound and she is being subdued by those surrounding the bed.

At one point the subdued woman calls for a hit. One of the individuals lights up what appears to be a crack pipe and put it into her mouth. All this occurs while others engage in sex acts with her. What is even more shocking is that a woman’s voice can be heard off camera directing the actions of the men.

Later in the video in an even more depraved twist a piece of wood, a bottle, and a rattle are inserted into the private parts of the woman who is still laying tied on the bed. At one point someone on the video calls for a dog to be used in the act. Several names can be heard being mentioned in the video.

The Press Relations Office advised that in the absence of a formal complaint, police are unable to proceed with investigations or affect an arrest. RCI News was also instructed to direct all questions regarding police intervention in the matter to the Attorney General’s office or the Director of Public Prosecutions.

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