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Saint Lucia joins the rest of the world in recognizing World Environment Day on June 5th, with a message from the island’s Minister for Sustainable Development.

Focusing on the theme Connecting People to Nature, Dr Gale Rigobert called on the public to recognize the uniqueness and the value of the natural beauty of the island and its fragility. She added that giving due consideration to the pillars of sustainable development, becomes more challenging with the onslaught of climate change and the many environmental hazards that facing the island.

Whether as Government, non-government and community based organizations, or even at the household level, people must take responsibility and feel empowered enough to take actions that reflect their understanding of what it means to connect to nature.

Dr Rigobert has called for the initiation of partnerships at all levels including schools, churches and clubs that will collaborate in developing or improving the open green spaces within communities.

Dr Rigobert encourages all to learn about the different efforts that are aimed at Sustainable use natural resources. She has further called for people to become involved in, or initiate, community based projects that will improve their knowledge of, and appreciation for natural resources.

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