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Dozens of St Lucians have demonstrated support for a class action suit against telecommunications company FLOW.

This comes following a call which was issued by local advocate Darnley Lebourne during RCI’s Newsspin program on Friday last week, amid hundreds of connectivity complaints from St Lucians in the last few months.

Lebourne maintains that the situation is unacceptable at a time when the world is heavily dependent on technology for business, information and entertainment.

While Flow officials have indicated that the company is undertaking a number of upgrades in the region, following a merger between Lime and Flow, consumers are growing increasingly frustrated with having to pay for the company’s shoddy service.

An invitation has been extended to the public to a meeting which will take place on Tuesday, where the issues will be further discussed. It is also expected to chart a way forward to address the situation.

The call has also been supported by a former president of the National Consumers Association.

Flow representatives have reacted to numerous connectivity complaints that have prompted some citizens to contemplate class action against the company.

Marketing Officer at FLOW Terry Finisterre notes that the company is currently undertaking upgrades which have mainly affected customers in the north of the island. However he stressed that the company is working to restore normal service to customers, but he adds it is a complicated process.

Finisterre notes that customers can expect to see an improvement in connectivity and cable TV when the upgrades are completed next week.

Flow has appealed for patience from the general public as it undertakes the upgrades.

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