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A well known DJ and former production technician at Radio Caribbean International is seeking to clear the air on a public misconception stemming from an announcement of the finalists of the Power Soca Monarch finalists.

Eustacius Orlando Phillip, known in the music industry as DJ Hyper D, has distanced himself from any other musical work in circulation that bears the name 'Hyper D' which he says is no way linked to his brand.

“Hyper D” has over 12 years experience as a Disc Jockey - locally, regionally and internationally. His career achievements include an 8 year tenure as a Production Technician and Radio Personality; 'King of Soca Clash’ in 2010; production of Power Soca Monarch 2014 'Rampage'; He is also a local, regional and international carnival band DJ.

But it appears that in recent times musical work has surfaced by a performer named 'Hyper'. DJ Hyper D says there were many attempts to sort out the identity issue, with the individual. It was however, discovered that the artiste was referred to by his peers as 'Hyper Dog'. Although there was no formal agreement, both individuals parted on the premise that the names would continue to differentiate who they are - Hyper, the artist and Hyper D the DJ.

However some of the initial problems have since re-surfaced and are being fuelled by the release of the finalists in the power soca monarch competition - a situation that DJ Hyper D’s team has determined is detrimental to his brand. The team also asserts that while 'Hyper D' the artiste is free to create as many pieces of work as he chooses, it is highly unprofessional and purposely disrespectful of him to continue using the name.

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