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The head of the Marijuana Movement in St Lucia has reacted to news that Jamaica has launched its first medical marijuana company with prominent researcher, Professor Henry Lowe urging the authorities to take full advantage of the drug’s medicinal components for commercial purposes.

The local advocacy group has been lobbying for authorities in St Lucia to decriminalize the use of the plant and explore its medicinal properties, with very little success.

Mr Andre Decaires says the advances made by Professor Lowe are noteworthy especially since he had developed an experimental eye drop for the treatment of glaucoma over 15 years ago.

Mr Decaires has also supported comments by Professor Lowe, who described as  unfortunate any decision taken by the Jamaican government that would result in the that country losing out on a booming multibillion-dollar industry in Europe, Canada and the United States.

Lowe said a recent survey had shown that 87 per cent of Jamaicans want medical marijuana to be developed, adding Jamaicans don’t only want it to be developed, they want the government to get behind it and make it happen.

Decaires says while the marijuana movement has made several attempts to engage local authorities on the issue, they remain closed to the idea.

The female ganja plant is grown for smoking purposes, while the male plant is called hemp and has a variety of industrial and medicinal uses.

The plant can be used to produce fabric, rope, canvas, wax, and paper, while the seeds contain the highest form of protein in the plant kingdom and can be used to make oils, butter and fuel, among other products.
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