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That was the voice of Tony Paul, the early shift announcer on Radio St Lucia today, just before clocking out today.

It is the last of the station’s programming, before Staff employed at Radio St Lucia receive a special send off from their trade union representative to mark the closure of the decades old establishment.

The cash strapped media house is among several statutory bodies which will no longer receive state funding following a review by government.

According to CSA General Secretary Claude Paul, the workers are expected to receive the severance letters and benefits today ahead of the closure of the station.

He adds that plans are already underway to mark the historic occasion at the CSA headquarters, when staff will be treated to lunch and a solidarity meeting with workers at other statutory bodies.

Paul has also responded to the possible impact that the planned solidarity event can have on the country, as some CSA members operate within the essential services sector.

The CSA General Secretary has also reacted to concerns about the medium used to rally union members together.

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