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As the global community continues to mourn the passing of one of the most iconic world leaders, local politicians are reaction to the legacy left behind by Nelson Mandela.

Among them is the Leader of the Lucian Peoples Movement Therold Prudent who notes that Nelson Mandela has been a towering source of inspiration for many around the world.  He says, in life, Mandela was gracious and forgiving and he understood well, that the art of nation building could never be attainable in South Africa, if the policy of his ANC government was to exclude input from persons of differing political persuasion.

It was his progressive mind-set, and his willingness to resist the temptation to embrace a narrow and selfish attitude to governance, that enabled Nelson Mandela to unite millions of South Africans, of all colours, behind his government in 1994.

Mr Prudent says, given the symbolism of national unity that Mandela represented in life, this may be an opportune moment for our leaders in Saint Lucia and the Caribbean to honour his legacy by embracing the principles for which Mandela stood.
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