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A Corinth resident is seeking to repair his reputation amid what he says are attempts to associate him with ISIS.

Kenneth Bernard says he was surprised to learn that a warning was being circulated on social media cautioning people not to accept the number 715-5110 as a contact because it is that of a hacker from ISIS. The message strongly advises people to circulate the warning to all their contacts.

Bernard says he has been a Digicel customer for several years and insists that he has no connections to nor has he never been involved with the extremist group. He adds that he has no idea who could have started such a fake alert.

Bernard notes that he does not have any enemies and has been a law abiding citizen with a clean police record. He adds that he will bring the matter to the attention of his service provider in the hope of getting a new number.

Bernard insists that the social media warning about his involvement is fake.

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