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The latest in a record number of recorded homicides this year has sparked the ire of lobbyist groups here.

Among them is the Secretary of raise Your Voice St Lucia who maintains that government leaders must bear some of the responsibility for the state of crime in St Lucia.

Reports are that the victim had made several reports against one individual who is now assisting police with investigations into the incident.

Describing the death as tragic, Catherine Sealys has also raised strong concern about the apparent neglect of the justice system in St Lucia that impede police investigations into such crimes.

She points to the state of the forensic lab as one such example.

Sealys has also pointed to other instances where the justice system continues to fail citizens, particularly children.

This comes at the height of the international observance of Child rights week.

Sealys says while marches, vigils and moments of silence are used to bring awareness to the social issues, they fail to draw the attention of ineffective government leaders.

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