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The Attorney General’s Chambers in Saint Lucia has filed a civil action suit against former tourism minister Allen Chastanet, alleging conduct amounting to a “breach of his fiduciary duties as a minister of government, in bad faith and/or constitutes misfeasance in public office”.

The claim suggests that, Chastanet, while a minister of government and United Workers Party (UWP) candidate requested the sum of $38,119 of public funds from the Soufriere Town Council for the unlawful purpose of a campaign and political event for his personal and political benefit or the benefit of his political party.

It further claims that Chastanet knew or ought to have known or was recklessly indifferent that the conduct in question was unlawful

But in a press statement, the UWP accused the St Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration of using the outcome of a questionable audit as a tool for political mischief.

The opposition statement further claims that the SLP government adds that in their latest demonstration of this arrogant behavior, the Labour administration, has been using the outcome of a questionable audit, as a tool for political mischief.

The statement adds that it is evident by these actions that the Labour Party Administration is intending to diminish the ability of Mr. Chastanet and the main Opposition to challenge the Government on critical issues pertaining to the plight of the citizens.

Meanwhile, Party leader Allen Chastanet and the U.W.P say will not be intimidated by the government’s scare tactics, and will relentlessly pursue and point out the failures of the St Lucia Labour Party government on behalf of the people of Saint Lucia.

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