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News that the St Kitts and Nevis Government has announced discounted VAT days has prompted reaction from St Lucia’s Prime Minister. This comes amid several concerns from small businesses and vulnerable sectors on the impact that the value added tax is having on their ability to survive challenging times.

The move in St Kitts is being seen as a measure to provide some relief to consumers there and to stimulate the economy.

But Dr Anthony says upon careful of the decision in St Kitts one must consider that the country is nearing its political elections and the move can be seen as a tactic being used by the government. He notes that while the viability of the business sector is concerning in these harsh economic times, it is very easy to blame vat.

The Prime Minister has also addressed concerns about the dismissal of 3000 public servants in Barbados come January. In pointing to discussions about reducing the public service here, he notes that governments around the region face a similar difficulty.

He adds that the problem is not unique to Governments.
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