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Construction on a bridge in Talver Babonneau is now complete following works on the structure which began earlier this year.

In Late August 2013 the Ministry of Infrastructure port Services and Transport was alerted of a failed AMCO Culvert located along the Fond Assau/Talver River, Babonneau. 

Following the initial assessment by ministry official, a recommendation was made for the replacement of that structure.  In Oct 2013 the Ministry of Infrastructure finalized designs for a concrete reinforced bridge.

At an official ceremony to open the bridge on Thursday Minister for Infrastructure Philip J Pierre remarked that the structure was completed on time and within budget.

A 5.5 meter Concrete Span reinforcement bridge has replaced the 5 meter AMCO culvert.  During the construction of the bridge, a pedestrian bridge was erected across the river to accommodate residents who needed to cross the area where the structure was being constructed. 

The bridge facilitates travel between the communities of Fond Assau, Chassin, Debarras and Hill twenty into Cacoa and the general Babonneau community.
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