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The Department of Environmental Health has intensified the inspection of local meats in light of the increased demand for the Christmas season.

The collaboration of the Veterinary Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environmental Health Department in the Ministry of Health ensures island-wide coverage for the anti-mortem and post-mortem inspections of all animal and meats available for public consumption.  

The Ministry of health is mandated under the Slaughter House regulations with the Public Health Act to ensure that all meats which are slaughtered are inspected and passed before it can be used for human consumption.

Senior Environmental Health officer Ernie Pierre has advised butchers to comply with the regulations warns that failure to do so will result in stiff penalties.

He says butchers must come in to register and obtain health certificates for themselves and their assistants as well as permits from the police and other certificates from the Environmental Health department. 

Mr Pierre says the process is necessary to ensure that the meats are fit for consumption.

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