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Haitian officials say they have made a breakthrough with their advocacy to challenge a Constitutional Court ruling last year, that rendered hundreds of people of Haitian decent in the Dominican Republic, stateless.

Reports suggest that Dominican authorities pledged to enact measures to safeguard the basic rights of Haitians and their descendants living in that country.

Both countries noted that dialogue around this divisive issue, held this week, was conducted in a tone of mutual respect and that it was "frank, constructive and enlightening."

Dominican authorities provided guarantees and pledged that within the next few weeks they will put forward additional legislation to respond to all cases that have been left out of their existing plan to provide documents to Haitians who are illegally working in that country.

Since September the Haitian government has followed a combined bilateral and multilateral approach aimed at engaging the Dominican government into a constructive dialogue about these issues. The country also engaged institutions like CARICOM, the European Union, the United Nations, and the government of Venezuela in the conversations with the Dominicans.

This approach culminated at the special summit of PetroCaribe in early December 2013 where, under the auspices of President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela, both countries agreed to meet on January 7.
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