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The Lucian Peoples Movement says it stands by its press release issued on January 20th 2014 and will make no apology for its position.

Party leader Therold Prudent is adamant that “if it is proven that Roger Pratt and his wife were denied clearance to leave because of St Lucia’s overbearing bureaucratic system ... then the government has to answer to the United Kingdom and the rest of the international community.”

He notes that whether or not the Margaret Prat’s blogs, which were highlighted by the British media were inaccurate, it does not in any way, detract from the reality that Saint Lucia has an overbearing system of bureaucracy.

He believes that the system is responsible for retarding progress in the country.

No agent of the government of Saint Lucia can disprove that Margaret Pratt’s blog post did not exist prior to the news on major local televisions stations. Her blog may have been removed but there is still a record online of the relevant contents.
Margaret Pratt wrote on her blog in the hours before the attack of how bureaucracy had thwarted their attempts to leave that part of the Caribbean.

Mr Prudent has also criticized the efforts of individuals from certain quarters whom he believes, are seeking to stifle the media and its reporting of the incident.

This is the second tourism related incident to figure prominently in the British media within one month – the first being the near disaster with the Virgin Atlantic aircraft, that have serious implications for the economy.
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