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Parliamentary Representative for Micoud South, Mr. Arsene James, has refuted claims that the Political Leader of the United Workers Party, Mr. Allen Chastanet, wrote him a letter requesting that he, Mr. James, give up his constituency seat to allow the new political leader to run a safe election.

On Wednesday, talk show host and President of the Senate, Mr. Claudius Francis, read the entire letter that Mr. Chastanet allegedly sent to Mr. James on his Radio 100 morning programme.  Mr. James says that while he did not listen to the programme, he is disappointed that Mr. Francis would choose to read a fictitious letter over the air instead of carrying out a thorough investigation.

Since the reading, many have questioned the legitimacy of the letter highlighting that there is no signature at the bottom of the page. The letter, which is dated, June 5th, 2013, has become the hottest topic in the Facebook group, S.L.A.P.S – with participants requesting that Mr. Francis prove his findings. Instead, the President of the Senate replied stating that it is not his place to prove anything.

Mr. James says he is rather confused to learn of Mr. Francis’ statement, who, according to him, was one of three individuals who threatened a lawsuit against a renowned journalist for reading a fictitious article over the air waves.

According to an inside source in the United Workers Party, legal representatives, acting on behalf of Mr. Allen Chastanet, have written to Mr. Claudius Francis requesting a public apology for reading a fictitious letter on national radio. Failure to do so, the source added, may result in a civil suit.

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