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Controversy brews ahead of the premiere of the movie 21 Days, between St Lucian producer Dale Elliot and the author of non-fiction book titled Glory Days & Tragedy, Therold Prudent.

In a statement released earlier today, Prudent says he welcomes the idea of his work being produced locally and would like to encourage the people of Saint Lucia to turn out in large numbers to support this monumental achievement. But, he has expressed his deep disappointment in Mr. Elliott’s decision to not seek his input and guidance and to not ensure that there was a greater role for persons within the Gros Islet community during the production of the movie.

According to Mr. Prudent, it would have been the right thing to do given the personal and sensitive nature of the story, which is dedicated to his childhood friend, George Phillip, along with the other young men who perished at sea.

He says, the fact that the book is based, in part, on the personal lives of the people of Gros Islet and their earliest history, including the very complex relationships that make them unique citizens of Saint Lucia, is even more reason why Mr. Elliott should have consulted those who mattered the most and accorded them full and public credit.

Prudent went on to add that he intends to pay very close attention to the details in the movie, hoping that Mr. Elliott has done justice to the body of work that took him nearly 10 years to compile and finally publish. He would also like to encourage the people of Saint Lucia to purchase copies of the book at the Sunshine Bookstore, and he has promised to donate the proceeds to charitable organisations in Gros Islet.

Glory Days & Tragedy tells the story of six young men who set out to sea from the banks of the Rodney Bay Marina in 1985 on what was to be a brief and routine fishing expedition. However, engine trouble left them adrift in a 22-foot open boat with no water or supplies. Most of them, with the exception of Mr. Kennedy Phillip, were never seen again. 21 days premieres tonight at Caribbean cinemas.
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