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New questions have been raised concerning strong action taken by the United States against members of the Royal St Lucia Police Force, following an address to the nation delivered by Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony last night.

The statement sought to clarify a recent incident where Police Commissioner was denied permission to attend a scheduled conference in the US as well as the reason behind a decision by the United States government, to debar local police from participating in any state funded programs.

Dr Anthony explained that US officials state that they have taken action against police officers because they are bound by a law enacted by the congress. The Leahy Law,  named after its principal sponsor Senator Patrick Leahy states that the United States shall not furnish any assistance to any unit of the security forces of a foreign country of the secretary of state has credible information that such unit has committed a gross violation of human rights.

The law adds that the prohibition shall not apply if the secretary of state determines and reports that such country is taking responsible steps to being the responsible members of the security forces to justice.

Dr Anthony notes that several questions have been raised by the United states regarding the handling of Operation Restore Confidence which was established here in 2011, at the height of a public outcry against what is being described as extrajudicial killings.

Dr Anthony says it appears the United States government does not have confidence in the steps taken to investigate the 12 police killings which occurred during that period, despite the fact that 6 inquests have been held.

Dr Anthony says the Government of Saint Lucia is clear that the speculation about these so called “extra-judicial killings” must be brought to an end. It is in the interest of all concerned that the full facts of what occurred be disclosed, not only to satisfy the United States but, importantly, to clear those officers whose reputations are at risk.

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