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Concerns about vandalism and theft have surfaced, just weeks after a formal ceremony was held to unveil the statue of Sir John Compton in Constitution Park.

Caretaker at the facility Martinus Avril disclosed that individuals have been digging up the grounds in order to gain possession of copper pipes which have been laid below the surface.

He notes that while the park has been officially opened, works to complete the facility continue on the grounds. But he says the random acts of theft are costing the government and hinders the progress of works.

Mr Avril says the people who are responsible for vandalizing the park should know better. He adds that it should not come to a situation where CCTV cameras and other security measures be installed to prevent the illegal acts.

Mr Avril also claims that several motorists and motorcyclists have been seen on occasion, using the park as an access cross point from Laborie Street to the William Peter Boulevard
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