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 In an effort to reverse this trend of developing non communicable diseases, the Ministry of Health is placing greater emphasis on Health Promotion and Behaviour Change and continues to urge everyone to adopt healthy lifestyle practices such as increasing exercise, increasing the consumption of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, the avoidance of tobacco smoke and avoiding excessive use of alcohol.

This comes following a Survey of Chronic Diseases Risk Factors, commonly known as the Bahavioural Risk Factor Survey, was carried out in St. Lucia from March to August 2012.

Analysis of the results of this survey is ongoing, but the results so far indicate clearly, that St Lucia’s population is at high risk for Non Communicable Diseases (CNCDs).  Some of the results of this survey include Low levels of Physical Activity:
Overweight or Obesity and Unhealthy diets:

The Ministry of Health says it cannot by itself curb this rising epidemic and therefore, a whole community approach is imperative.  

To this end, a special Health Promotion activity dubbed the “BABONNEAU WELLNESS TRAIN” has been scheduled for Friday March 28,2014 to encourage residents of Babonneau especially children, to work towards maintaining health and wellness
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