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A cloud of suspicion regarding authenticity and accreditation, hangs over an Emergency Technician Program being conducted by the Centre for Emerging Medical Services Education.

The issue has been brought to the attention of the organization’s administrator Craig Herman who told RCI news that the program is accredited and is attached to at least two colleges in the United States.

But suggestions from the students participating in the program are that a number of strange occurrences do not add up. Claims are that the courses which are expected to run for a period of 12 to 18 months have dragged on for as long as three years in some cases. But they say that it is the frequent rescheduling of exams that has raised the alarm.

When questioned about the students concerns about the legitimacy of the program Mr Herman had this to say.

Despite explanations from Mr Herman, Students have conducted their own investigations and have collated what they say is evidence to suggest that the operations of the Centre for Emerging Medical Services Education may not be above board.
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