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Government has declared a Water-Related Emergency for the North of the Island in keeping with section 10 of the water and sewerage act

This comes as there has been an acute shortage of rainfall in the north of the island. This fact, together with diminishing reserves in the John Compton Dam and a report from the Saint Lucia Meteorological Services that the Northern areas of the country have now officially entered a drought situation, has caused the Government to officially declare a Water Related Emergency for an area stretching from Bexon/Marc in the East to Roseau in the West to Cap Estate in the North.

Information from WASCO indicates that water levels in the Dam are currently 30 inches below the spillway, and the Saint Lucia Met Services, using 35 years of monthly rainfall data, has calculated that the North of the country is experiencing a meteorological drought, based on a value known as the Standard Precipitation Index (SPI). The Water Resources Management Agency (WRMA) has also reported that the average river flow rates are currently within the rates recorded for historical dry seasons in the month of March.

Forecasts from the Met Office suggest that the rainfall outlook for the next three months is normal to below normal for this time of year.  

Under the provisions of the Water Related Emergency, residents are asked to cease the use of potable water for non-potable uses. This means that drinking water obtained from WASCO, must not be used for activities like washing of vehicles or watering lawns or gardens. Also, any activities that may cause contamination of water sources, such as the washing of vehicles in rivers, are strictly prohibited.

WASCO has embarked on measures to deal with this situation, including repairing and bringing back online water intakes that had been decommissioned due to damage and activating mobile water treatment plants that may be rapidly deployed where needed.
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